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PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:31 pm 
Hail to the King
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POTBS still has some really great moments.

So lately we've been doing "Red Zone Patrol" -- running around in fast ships, mostly in 1's, 2's and 3's and killing people that way. By being fast, we stop the gankers from catching us and can pick our battles better.

But when I say "fast ships", I mean ships that can still kill stuff. Mercy, Tigre Sleek, Mordaunt Sleek, etc -- tough ships with lots of guns which also happen to be fairly fast.

The Spanish really hate us for this and call us "fail boaters" and have taken to trying to one-up us by taking REALLY fast/nimble ships, like the Expedition Packet Boat or Corsair -- ships that can be even faster than ours, particularly on the open sea, but which have very little firepower. They love to try and gank us so they can say "oh, don't like failboating so much now, do ya?" (They would like us to stop using fast ships and return to using slow, expensive ships like they use...)

They think they're showing us up, but they're actually being pretty dumb about it.

So a Corsair cut me off downwind and got me into a battle. A Herc Sleek joined him. I called for help and had a British Herc Sleek join me. Then 3 more Spanish jumped in, so we decided to run.

We ended up running in different directions around this large island. A Herc Sleek and a Corsair chased me. The other Brit had a Macedon, Expedition and some other small ship chasing him. I noticed that the Expedition tried to cut him off and nearly got blown to splinters, making it away to hide behind the Macedon with a sliver of hull left.

Seeing this, I decided it was embarrassing to be seen running from 2 ships while the other guy was apparently fighting his way to the exit point with 3 ships. So I decided to rageboard the Herc Sleek that was chasing me and was right on my tail.

30 seconds later, I was on the deck of the Herc Sleek.

The other ships, seeing this, apparently gave up on the other Brit, allowing him to escape, and came to try and sink me while I was in boarding combat. Problem is they were 2000+ yards away and the only ship that could attack me was the shitty little Corsair. I was betting he couldn't sink me faster than I could beat the Herc Sleek in boarding combat.

And I was right.

I finish off the Herc Sleek, get out with about 800 structure left, I blow half the masts off of the Corsair and run. The other ships are closing but are still too far away to help. I make my getaway before they get in range, outrunning the damaged Corsair.

Net result:
5 Spanish try to gank 2 Brits and lose a Herc Sleek and don't sink anyone.

That's the difference between "a good plan" and "a spiteful, but shitty plan".

PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:42 pm 
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hahaha I love it! So many things I like about this game. I just wish the hooks had managed to sink in.

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