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 Post subject: Blackrock Mountain
PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 4:37 pm 
Hail to the King
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This is a great PvP spot.

Went down there a night or two ago with a full group. We did a quick LBRS run and decided to run around BRM to get some kills.

Some lighty guild was apparently firing up a Molten Core run and they were running through 1-5 at a time or so.

We'd done some skirmishing, gotten some good kills, then somehow that big rock in the middle of the zone turned into the Alamo.

We got into a big fight with a group of about 5, in that one interior room with the coffin in it. Some rogue would jump me and I'd run circles around the coffin (woobwoobwoobwoobwoob!) until someone would stun him, then I'd do a Rain of Fire in the room, then some other melee would attack me and I'd circle the coffin the other way until someone get HIM off of me, then I'd do another rain of fire.

Abramz would chase someone up the ramp, I'd rain of fire up the ramp. Abramz would chase someone out the bottom door, I'd rain of fire at the bottom door. I have no idea what exactly the rest of the group was doing, as I was just trying to keep track of Abramz, my own health, my mana bar, my pet and my rains of fire.

So we killed that group and we're all still standing. I have just enough time to think, "Wow, that was great" when a whole new group showed up and attacked.

Same drill. Rain. Get hit. Run around coffin. Someone stuns the rogue. Rain. Get get. Run around the coffin. Someone snares the paladin. Rain. Rain up the steps. Rain out the door. Pet set to "aggressive" because I can't keep track of him anyway so he's just running around eating debuffs off people and nipping heels.

That group dies. Whew! Man that was a good Oh shit! Here's yet another group. Same drill. Rains, running, more rains, I'm on like my 4th Whipper Root and 3rd mana potion. Pandamonium!

Finally the smoke clears. We'd gotten about 40 kills and I think one of us had died. There was 1 other group of Horde there running around, but basically we'd derailed a whole Molten Core raid force, one group at a time, back to back.

Things went downhill then, as they rezzed up, grouped up, then came to kick our ass as a massive gang, like a wave of pointy ears and stubby legs. That didn't go so hot.

But I was still quite happy to see that we'd basically forced an entire Molten Core raid to engage in PvP and all we'd intentionally brought to the fight was a single LBRS group.

Incidentally, what really made this for us was we had 2 healers -- shaman and a priest. They had mages doing AE, paladins doing stuns, rogues sneaking up on people, but they just couldn't handle the amount of beatdown we can deliver with dedicated healing taking place, not to mention our own area effect spells.

That was good stuff.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.

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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 4:50 pm 

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OMG that was so nuts. It was Ewidges Licht. The best part of that was after the fight at the coffin, when we went lower in Molten Span. The next segment of that fight was right near the MC port entrance.

We basically beat down 3 groups of Alliance simultaneously. There were a few things that made us so successful there.

1. We each knew our shit and did exactly what we were supposed to do.
2. We attacked them immediately and never gave them the chance to prepare. Most likely we caught them arranging groups etc... their loss.
3. I think Abramz put it best 'I love having healers that ACTUALLY heal!'

5 vs 15 FTW.

I believe at that time, the group was:


Afterwards... they rolled us with their combined raid force. I was able to toss a few of them into the lava with mind control before I got dropped though :P


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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 6:18 pm 

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That whole episode is definately in my top 5 most fun moments in WoW history. It really proved what 5 members working as one force can accomplish.

The icing on the cake was after I had died in the center of the lava I spirit rezed. While I was sitting there two of their Paladins spirit rezed also. We had the most hilarious cripple fight in history. Basically we ran around slapping eachother for very minor damage until my sickness wore off and they still had a few minutes. I got them each enough times to make their rez timers go up to atleast 2 minutes.

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