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 Post subject: Sullon Zek
PostPosted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 1:09 pm 

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This was SOE's greatest venture into the realm of PvP. Pre-Luclin , SZ was the best PvP game ever. All the Woes of RZ/TZ and VZ were supposedly fixed on SZ

Bind camping-legal, you could bind camp to your heart's delight

Corpse camping-legal, see above

zoneline/portal camping-legal , see above

Causing EXP death in PvP IE letting a mob get the kill or a pet. This was fixed on SZ by having every death, pvp/pve have the same penalty.

Training-where as in the previous zeks, SZ had no rules (at first) about training. it became a legitimate tactic to use in pvp and groups/guilds had to adapt or die.

immortal healing/buffing-fixed, could not heal or buff enemy team members.

xteaming-fixed, could not group or guild with enemy team members.

just about every woe that was complained about for years on the zeks was fixed on sz, upon its release war was on.

I didnt get to start on SZ till about 40 days after its release. I had been in contact with dave IE renxerox who informed me that vlad probably wouldnt invite me into iggles if he knew who i was. No problem, i asked him what classes they really needed and was told Cleric was number 1.

I rolled up Gathrintain the DE cleric and started to level up, i had joined some newbie guild and didnt apply to iggles till somewhere in my 20s or early 30s. Actually it was past 34 now that i think of it, because i recall being in Lguk(lower guk) healing a frenzy group with just Sheals(superior heals) and not being in iggles.

Luclin still had not been released when i joined Iggles on SZ and was curious why so many core members were already MIA. This was pvp at its finest, with all the fixes, no GM intervention, what everyone had wanted for years and yet all the MIA's

onto the wars, the dark coalition (neutral) were pretty much owning the server. the highest evil guild at the time was (ruin) who eventually managed to level/gear up and give them a fight. DAOC was released and most of TDC left SZ for it, since Ruin at this time was dominating the server. Tenaj and his guild were already pulling down Velious super mobs such as tormax, velk, yelinak, and getting the phat lewts from NTOV.

Renxerox (the only person in iggles i had ever known IRL-i had introduced him to VZ iggles back when i was playing Deneeria, we both worked at the same health insurance company and got to talking about EQ, he was a 25 war on some blue server and i convinced him to try pvp and helped Plevel him up some on my mage.)

Time and time again we were getting owned by team newt. basically the same problem on VZ with people not wanting to level/gear up yet trying to compete with those that were. Level 60 was the cap and it just took 2 to 3 of them to wipe out 2+ groups of 48-54's no matter how organized.

We had a joint raid with (hate) the number 2 evil guild on SZ in the plane of Hate and it was a fiasco. By this time several newts were using faction to their advantage, gaining chardok faction and being able to singlehandedly wipe any group/raid attempted there, and make CR(corpse retrieval) a living nightmare.

time progressed and soon i became the only active/high level cleric in the guild. what raids can you do with only 1 cleric? Iggles were not to be counted out though. Renxerox made me an officer and we attempted an all iggle raid to PoF(plane of fear) we wiped hard on entry and i went from lev 56 to 51 before we got fully CRed some 10 hours later. I had bound at the SW "safe spot" and was bind camped by mobs. trying to break in again with naked guildies was not an option so i came up with a plan that was gonna hurt me in the exp bar. I slowly moved my bind spot from the SW corner to the North safe camp. this took hours as most of the time i couldnt get the bind spell memmed or live long enough for it to refresh to cast it. but slowly and surely i was making progress and several hours later i had made it to the north wall and was bound there. The CR began as an SK started dragging corpses to me, once we had about 6 of us up, we started clearing to the SW wall mainly dark/fearkite with only a couple set backs. over half of my 100+ corpses had rotted and the remaining ones i only got back to lev 51 when we finally left. over all a hell of a night hehe. Many thought we as a guild were done, true i wasnt about to step foot into PoF anytime soon but i hadnt counted it out entirely. We focused on plane of hate and had a few successful nights there.
Eventually we went back to PoF and had a successful raid of everything but CT(cazic thule) because he had been buffed up well beyond the CT of olden days) we had a mage with COTH (call of the hero) she would COTH me to remove aggro after i CHealed(complete healed) the MT(main tank) 5 or 6 groups but only 1 cleric so we survived on shammy power:)

Somewhere during this time Luclin came out and created "safe zones" where you could not PVP, the nexus and the bizarre. new AA (alternate ablities) came out and manaburn (wizzy) deathtouch(shadowknight) were the most powerful. many a wizard and SK would go PvPing, use their ability then sit in a safe zone till it refreshed some 2 hours later, rinse and repeat. it took a long time before SOE nerfed those abilities, each was sure kill, i alone was mana burned so many times i couldnt keep count.

Meanwhile Iggles were at the most powerful, we had well over 50 members (at least 12 or more at lev 60) who could go into the old world planes and we ventured to kill Innoruuk. Our first kill of a true tier mob. however strife was in the guild. the lower level members, some of which had no plans of ever leveling up past 30-40ish and those of us who saw the need to stay competive, gain gear, gain AAs or once again we would have to just run or die when a few better geared/better AAed enemy players attacked.

Team good was all but dead, team newt had combined its remaining forces into a guild called (tides of wrath) and were formidible to all but Ruin. Ruin for somereason broke up and most of their core left the server, the remainder joined the guild hate or the other top guild Vindictive (which was a consolidation of a few smaller guilds) and for awhile the odds were pretty even team evil vs team newt, especially when Hate and Vindictive had a guild war ( dont recall the reason it got started but it was messy) there was a bug though that was exploited by both sides, if an evil player went LD, the opposed guildwar member could no longer hit them so if one was losing they would simply /exit and not get killed. wasnt long before bothsides started making deals with newts to kill players who did that.

The big exodus begain, nearly every level 60, at the time more then 18 closer to 20+ decided to leave the guild, some joined Vindictive, some joined Hate, others formed with lev 60s from other minor evil guilds to create (SiN) strength in numbers while still ohters including my self, just stayed unguilded.

I was invited to join Hate but could not because several ex iggles were in vindictive and i couldnt bring myself to guildwar with them. we had been through alot, endless pvp, exp groups, getting trained out of sebilis owned by factioned newts etc. it was a great group of people, the upper
evil got ahead again and stayed there, PoP (planes of power) came out and team evil was able to CB (cock block) team newt out of the better zones so they couldnt progress into the elemental planes much less into the plane of time.

Vindictive dies and its remnants join Hate, Sin also dies and likewise join hate. Now there are alot of ex iggles in hate:
just to name a few:

strago-monk (THE monk, think he became the best geared monk on server eventually and notorious PKer
saurath-Wizard, saurath was selfless and dependable, and a very good PKer
Turns-beast lord
Towenaar-our only enchanter on many a raid
Tryal- silly necro, but once he got his stuff together, he was formidble

many others but i cant recall them all. these guys were awesome and i thoroughly enjoyed being guilded with them. I think they all would of said the same of me. Deneeria was but one aspect of my RP, those that recall, Nishu was a very different character and played very differently. Gathrintain yet a third and again unless you knew you would of never linked the two together, of all my time on SOE servers id have to say the SZ portion was the most fun, most adrenaline based, as well as the most frustrating

Long live Sullon Zek!!

 Post subject: Re: Sullon Zek
PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:05 pm 

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Found this topic while googling, but Gath was awesome. Which deserves a bump.

I was in that Plane of Fear raid and died as most others. I had the choice of logging out and leave 24 hours of active time on my corpse and wait till a rez or find another solution to prevent my corpse from rotting. I tried to help, left more corpse being a newb, but in the end, I got rezzed around 4am my time (am from Europe).

There were two amazing clerics on Sullon Zek. I'm not talking about skill here (Gath was good, but I don't really care about that), but about attitude. One was Gathrintain and one was another dark elf cleric (can't remember her name atm but she was also awesome) in the neutral team after I rerolled when Hate decided to crossteam with team good and tried to cheat the server to advance themselves.

Gathrintain was one of the most helpful and selfless members of the Iggles, and perhaps in the old days him being online was the key to get things going raid-wise. For instance, he went out of his way to rez me while travelling over a dozen zones without me even asking for it just because of hearing about my death in the guild channel.

In short, if he's still part of the Purge, whatever that is, chain him up, force him into submission or do whatever it takes to make him stay. That's what team Evil would do in the old days...

Yours truly,
Nalir Soultwister

 Post subject: Re: Sullon Zek
PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:43 am 
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I don't believe I ever read that thread before. Deneeria is correct had I known who it was I never would have invited him. Ren vouched for that other person so ended up inviting him.

This is why the name policy exist for Purge.


 Post subject: Re: Sullon Zek
PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:53 pm 

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It's why I changed my name from Blizzy.

Waeloga-"Flab is my idol"

 Post subject: Re: Sullon Zek
PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:50 pm 

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The only reason why SZ was remotely better than any other server was because of FANSY the famous bard.

PvP tactics wise, they relied too heavily on PvE exploit (i.e.) training. The true competitors came from the other zek servers.

 Post subject: Re: Sullon Zek
PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:03 pm 

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I met Brad McQuaid when I went and interviewed for Vanguard back in 2005. I should have kicked him in the nuts.

Caveatum & Blhurr D'Vizhun.

 Post subject: Re: Sullon Zek
PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:33 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: Sullon Zek
PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 9:44 pm 

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Great post about SZ!

Those were the best gaming years of my life for sure. I know Saur personally and he is as described. I know he respected you a lot too.

Saur still plays regularly BTW. I log on to Zek from time to time and I play project 99 occasioanly. Hit me up if you wanna game with us.

BL of SZ

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