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 Post subject: Application : Tahh
PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:08 pm 

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Sheebus! I do a search for doing an intestinal PURGE and look where I end up!!

Some of you may remember me from my Vallon Zek days as Tahh, Trolly Shammy, aka (the wondertroll formerly named Mastahh before I the name was nerfed by a GM). I did a tour of duty with Mercenaries of Darkness, rolled up into Dissent with Ciliz and Fezzic, then Defiant. I hung out with an Iggles crew as Tiggles when the rubberband game Shadowbane went live, then joined Twelve Prophets on Mannorath as, you guessed it, Tahh, Troll Shaman, For The HORDE! I'm a casual gamer and always have been which is why lots of times I lag behind while the non-married, no-kids, out-of-work types level up like mad. What can I say? I like RL. That being said, even if I'm 10 levels lower than you and you get into some pvp, I'll be up there wacking away at that enemy alongside you, or healing you from behind that nearby tree until I'm OOM. I "heart" teh pvp.

If yall are rolling up in a game somewhere I'd like to tag along. I've got three boys now, and life hasnt slowed down any, but even at 45, my old blood gets pumpin when I get into a scrum with some punk who thinks they have game.

Lemme know..


Shammy wit moocho mojo

 Post subject: Re: Application : Tahh
PostPosted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:16 am 
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I think we're between games right now?

We've got a decent-ish coalition rolling around Guild Wars 2 supplemented by some other allied guilds. I think Slamz and a few others are killing their free time with Smite. About a dozen of us are eagerly awaiting Wildstar which is about half a year off, and a larger group is waiting for Star Citizen which looks to be between a year and a year and a half off.

It's hard to find a good MMO with meaningful, non-instanced PvP and a lot of Purgies have gotten pickier as they've gotten older. It's still worth while to watch the forums, though, to see what everyone is up to.

You don't win the Game of Death by dying first. The name is misleading.

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