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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 10:33 pm 

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Greetings all,

I am Edward Salter, also Charles Eden of PotBS, and Hootuk Myrum before that. I have only ever played two MMO's: PotBS and Naval Action. I do it for the genre. In PotBS, I was originally an independent on Blackbeard server, mainly drawn to the game by the player driven econ. I instantly fell in love with crafting. I loved logging into the game to see the bright green text welcoming me back with the notification of Auction House sales.

Since my early days in PotBS, I have steadily grown in the game, from young pvp experiences that amounted to nothing more than seal clubbing to 9 speed mod Minerva 6group gank squads, to proficient rage boarder, to skilled 1v1 shipcom, to integral part of heavy 6 group line fight. I have loved the progression over the years (I am a 2008 vet). When my society gave up the game, I would not. I was with West Indies Squadron, and I was drawn to their maturity and role play. We started on Blackbeard, moved to Roberts server merge, and voluntarily moved to Antigua after PB time slots no longer matched our play style. During that time, we absorbed another soc who was more pvp centric and cared not at all for econ and more sophisticated game play that took into account the bigger picture. They wanted nonstop group fights (which there's nothing wrong with, per se, but it came at a significant strain to those protecting strategic ports when it wasn't the "cool" thing to do). So a more purist group of us split off to form Leeward Island Squadron. Some founding members of WIS and I stuck with that until 2013 or 2014 or so and then I was the last man remaining.

Throughout my years I had some dealings with Keifer Cain and Keith Bain. He wound up recruiting me to British Mercantile and Mercenary, a clan I stuck with until a resurgence in SGS brought us back to them. With Keifer back in SGS, it was not a difficult move for me either. In fact, when I first moved to Antigua, I did so independently and actually filed an application with SGS waaaay back when. They had the old one and reinstating me was not an issue. Once there, much fun was had with Ruding, Bach, and Cain/Bain. I grew to love being apart of a society with such prestige, such standing. It was reminiscent of when I played for WIS in the early Blackbeard days.

Once Naval Action came out, I instantly joined. I quickly discovered that it was everything that myself and many of my old soc mates from WIS wished PotBS could become. The old crew joined up and things were lovely. But in my extended absence, the group dynamics changed. Things weren't as they once were. No hard feelings with any of those quality players, but I feel that I am more aligned with the strategic goals of Purge's mission in the Lesser Antilles against the flagrant pirate influx.

I have plans to be a heavy econ player as well as open sea pvper, and I took place in my first PB at Pedernales last night--a wonderful joy, despite my sinking.

I humbly submit my application for consideration,

Edward Salter

(Who, in real life, for any history buffs, was a resident of eastern NC, which is where I'm from, and was pressed into Blackbeard's crew where he served as the ship's cooper, or barrel maker, and I promise that's the last RP stuff I'll subject you to)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 6:59 pm 
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welcome aboard!


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