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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:10 pm 
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Grieve wrote:
I don't care about console-level graphics or gameplay - I never have a chance to play those. I'm looking for family games, which are great on the AppleTV. We can play 6 player games using a combination of remote, game pad, iPhones and iPads.

Well like I said you must not require any heavy lifting. Apple is fine if your needs are thin but if you require some serious system needs Apple is not the way to go.

Basically Apple makes a fine two wheel vehicles but if you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle to drive in the snow Apple is not the rig you want to drive.

Grieve wrote:
Movie and TV wise, we are only missing Amazon, which we can stream to the TV if we want. And that's down to Amazon not wanting to release a native app. We own over 400 movies on iTunes, so fine staying in that ecosystem. I also find it's the cheapest option, since you can regularly get iTunes cards at 20% off, and they have sales of good, recent movies at $9.99 ($8 with discount) every week.

I think you should double check with Amazon Prime. The reason I got rid of Apple is the cost. Amazon Prime gives many things away for free that Apple charges for.

20% coupons doesn't change the fact that Apple is the most expensive movie streaming system around. Apple is not the cheapest option compared to anyone. Basically for movies the movie industry decides the price however it is the side options that get you from Apple.

The primary difference is Amazon provides a single rate for all HD options while Apple doesn't. Netflix also has a special deal with Amazon as part of their Prime service to offer it totally free. You can't get that with Apple. I think it is pretty well established if you do some homework that if expense is important to you Amazon is the way to go.

That doesn't even get into the device itself. You will pay $399 (for additional memory) for an Apple device that is half as good as the Amazon device that is $165 for the full memory out of the box set. Another $75 for bigger memory chip.

Grieve wrote:
Global search is terrific. Makes it really easy to find if a movie or show is already free on Netflix, Hulu, TNT, HBO, etc. And I find the Siri search and trackpad remote work much better than the Amazon controller.

Hmm, trackpad is not better than just speaking into the mic and having it come up immediately. How can you get easier than that?

Grieve wrote:
Never have any streaming issues - movies start instantly in HD without any pauses or glitches.

Apple is subject to all of the old technology problems of streaming. The reason you get a device with memory is so that if your wireless system goes down the content doesn't go down with it. With memory you store the content on the local device so it keeps running even if you have spotty or no wireless connection.

If you live in a place where your internet never goes down or your never have buffering issues then you are in the minority. For most people however the direct memory devices are a better choice.

That doesn't even get into the gaming aspects or the high data apps that Apple can't run.

Grieve wrote:
Anyway, specs are usually a red herring. For years android users have pointed to iPhones having less cores, slower clock, etc as a sign of inferiority, only to have the iPhone blow the higher specced android phone out of the water in benchmarks. Let's face it, Apple just does it better. :wink:

I can't speak for phones since I don't own one but I can speak for PC's and streaming devices. The specs mean everything. The Apple device simply doesn't have the memory required to run programs for the definition my television and system was built to show. If you buy a game that Nvidia doesn't support and you try to run it on an Nvidia card and you get a bunch of rainbow colors instead of texture well... you should have paid better attention to the specs.

Hey if all you need is a two wheel drive vehicle that cost more and makes you spend more on gas then Apple TV is one way to go. If you want a 4 wheel drive vehicle that allows you to do more, cost less and spend less on gas then Roku and Amazon are superior options.

There are good reasons Apple isn't even in the top 3 of streaming devices so for those not buying just a logo be warned before you buy an Apple.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:24 pm 
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Grieve wrote:
We have have 4 of the latest AppleTV, and it rocks. Great games, great apps, great experience. Using DirectTVNow at the moment, although probably won't stick with it. Netflix, Hulu, HBONow give us pretty much everything we need.

(We have a Fire stick too which we got on the cheap, and haven't used it since the first week).

holy crap, Grieve is still in the cult? Don't you guys realize he needs help?

FYI I picked up Roku this year and cut the cord. The amazon interface, as well as google, and netflix etc, is excellent. xbox used to be my media streamer, and I don't ever turn it on.

My only disappointment so far was missing the BCS championship on ESPN.

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